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Everything Old is New Again...ish???

Well, so we go. After almost 2 years...(has it been that long?)...I have decided it’s a good time to get back to the blog posting. Why? I’m not even really sure...but with the current state of the world affairs (the political debacle, the Covid debacle, the cats joining the aliens in taking over the world thing...OK...maybe one of these hasn’t happened...yet).


Anyways...the blog post is hopefully a bit of a distraction from the shite, and provide a laugh or two; well, I enjoy writing it’s up to you whether or not you can handle my sense of humour.

A few changes from the old blog. A new platform...the old Blogger platform I was using kind of went away. So a bit of a different look...hopefully a bit cleaner and better. Also, my interests have evolved over the last couple of years (has it been that long?)...kind of strayed away from racing a tad...especially with Covid putting much of the racing world on paws...ooops...pause (damn cats...). It has really enhanced my love of the sport, being able to enjoy the simple workout of just spinning the pedals without worrying about getting so many intervals in, or being concerned that I didn’t get my heart rate over 150bpm for at least 30 minutes...or whatever. Just to revel in the freedom of the ride, to stop and take the occasional picture, to appreciate the view...especially here from the escarpment, and mostly to take the time to feel the comfortable energy flowing from the forest.

That being said...I will still get out to enjoy the races when they happen. I am still signed up for the 24 Hour Summer Solstice as a solo, and for the Quebec Single Track Experience, and for the 8 Hours of Hurtin’ in Haliburton as a Solo Single Speed. And I still enjoy solo-ing the 8 Hour Epics and Substance Project’s (Dan’s) Marathons. You just won‘t find me adopting a training schedule...just me riding a bike. In fact, I considered changing the name of this blog to Riot on Riding...however I really like the old logo...and it’s somewhat ‘established’, and I’m lazy...

I have also developed a real affinity for bikepacking over the last couple of years (yeah, I guess it has been that long). I mean, camping and riding a bike, two of life’s greatest pleasures, no?? (Well there might be a couple other fun things...). And there are a growing number of bikepacking routes in large part thanks to a ton of work by MattK. 2020 my daughter, who treeplants for a living, challenged me to join her to treeplant in BC. So I did...and I liked it...a lot. It is very challenging...very difficult manual labour...but as much a part of nature as you can the mountains of BC...raw beauty. I liked it so much, I am going to go do it again this spring plant season. Really, the toughest thing about it is being away from Heidi for months...well it’s tough for me. You will have to ask her if it is tough for her. And I enjoyed living in a tent for the planting season...but maybe this time around...maybe a van. Perhaps I should look into acquiring a van to hang out in. (Heidi says, “Do it!”). Makes it easier to bring bikes. And of the most epic places to ride a mountain bike on the planet.

So...many contents of future posts will have to do with just being outside (not likely to discuss much about trainers here)...whether it be tree planting, hiking, just so happens most of my outdoor activities involve a bike... much material to write/blog about...and so here I am...again. And if Covid has done anything seems it has brought many more people to rediscover the joy of being outdoors, and of getting into this sport. we go...there should be no shortage of material to blog about. If you have anything you would like me to write about...let me know. I will do what I can...

So...let me get started. Stay posted...

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