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Rides...Races...The Season Never Ends!!!

Updated: Jan 27

So, there are rumblings in the MTB/gravel racing world...of possible upcoming races. Apparently the OCA is going to be releasing a schedule in the near future, and race promoters, racers, fans, and horses?? are chomping at the bit (see what I did there?) to see what is on the horizon. Easy to understand, and be optimistic, given that racing has disappeared for the last year.

There have been whispers of new races...possibly even something endurance stage style thing?? New/more gravel races? And a return of so many loved, iconic races...hopefully. Anticipation...

And no rumblings, but outright propagation of new, challenging bikepacking routes. Hell ya!!

So the outlook for options for 2021 looks promising? Let’s freaking hope so! Positive thoughts right?

In the meantime, there is still riding going on. And currently, the weather and resulting riding conditions are as weird as the current world political/social climate. (Climate? Hahaha....anyways...). Down here on the escarpment wall there is virtually no snow....its dirt...usually frozen and fast. Its great here for mtb or fatbike!

Oh shite. Sorry about the Bernie thing....that meme is getting out of control. (Blame TeamColin...he taught me how to use imgflip...)

TeamColin made this one... OK, enough Bernie shit....right??

Anyways...back to our regular programming. Riding conditions...Up on top the escarpment, just a 5 minute ride away, its packed snow but with plenty of ice...expecially any trail that has seen frequent traffic (Hikers and bikes) studs are a life saver.

However, a handful of kms north it’s mostly packed snow. Then farther north, less than an hour drive, there is new snow that requires grooming, and a fatbike is the proper ride...

So...there are plenty of options, still. “No dear, the riding ‘season’ does not end...”.

So...all that being said...this is coming up this weekend...

Find the details here:

And the venerable, endurance specialist extraordinaire SarahC, has dared/pummeled/cajoled/convinced me to give it a go. This weekend...150km...on a fatbike... (That’s like, only half of a Shikaze ride...right???)

Who wants to join in the fun??? The current plan is to ride from my house, and follow as much of MattK’s GNR bikepacking route to get the required kms. The route is a great mix of rail trail, Singletrack, and keep some variation...and to keep me awake...

(I may have, convinced...a couple of hardy souls to join me!!)

Let’s see how it goes....the Fat Viking, Global Edition...

Furthermore...I made a slight mention of a van in my last post. A van; for mountain bike transportation, and mostly for treeplanting...a spot to sleep/live rather than in a tent as I did last treeplanting season (yes, yes I am going back to BC to treeplant for another daughter Kat has twisted my rubber arm once again...). So...the van thing is in the works...

Oh geeze....sorry about that...why is this Bernie meme even a thing???

OK...very sorry....that is enough already!!! (TeamColin...I told you!! You created a monster!!)

Anyways, a van is acquired, safetied and readied for the road by Mechanic Jonny...and being built up by master woodman NewfieSteve. More on this for the next post...

Stay tuned...stay posted...

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